Ah, Ah, Earthquake, Ah

The first installment of the three articles I wrote about traveling in earthquake-devastated Japan, for Slate.com came out today.

Writing these stories about Japanese who are trying to make sense out of what happened to them was wrenching and difficult. But I'm very happy I had the chance to do it.

A little behind the scenes story. I was in the middle of writing part 2, the part about the radiation-exposed fisherman in Fukushima, when suddenly my house in Brooklyn started shaking. At first I thought somebody was doing construction somewhere in the neighborhood. But the shaking got harder, and finally I ran out into the street.

There, I found my California-born neighbor, Chad. "Earthquake," he said nonchalantly. (I figured he had to be an expert).

So while I was writing about one earthquake, I was experiencing another. Earthquake stereo.

Like I said, writing this piece was really a trip. Part 2 goes up on Slate.com tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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